SharePoint intellisense for JavaScript in visual studio   

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I was searching the web today how I could enable SharePoint intellisense for JavaScript.

I found the following solution.


The Solution:


Step 1: Add the following reference => System.Web.Extensions



step 2: Create a new JavaScript file and name it: “theBom.js”




step 3: Add the following javascript reference


/// "C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Microsoft Shared\\Web Server Extensions\\14\\TEMPLATE\\LAYOUTS\\SP.UI.Dialog.debug.js"/>


The reference we use in JavaScript is like a using in C#.


step 4: For the last step we need do press the following keys => ctrl + shift + j . This will update the intellisense  for the JavaScript.




Posted by  Gilissen Timmy  on  9/28/2011
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This arctile went ahead and made my day.

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wilkiesam  commented on  Friday, February 17, 2012  2:33 AM 
Thanks a heap, this worked perfectly, and more importantly, quickly to get my SharePoint 2003 site back up after someone installed software that included the new version of ASP.NET 2!

chibby0ne  commented on  Sunday, February 19, 2012  2:58 AM 
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