Dec 262011

SharePoint 365 logging

With SharePoint 365 OOB it isn’t possible as developer to read the log files. When you get an error you have to copy the correlation id and send it to Microsoft. Then it depends on Microsoft how fast this error will be resolved :).   SharePoint li ...[Read more]
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Dec 262011

Sandboxed logging part 2

In this blog post I’m going to show you how to implement the Patterns and practices logging in a sanboxed solution.   If you haven’t read Sandboxed logging part 1 I advise you to read it first before continuing this blog post :).   Logging in a ...[Read more]
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Dec 262011

Sandboxed logging part 1

I’m learning how I can improve my coding skills by using Patterns and practices(PP) and I learned how easy it was with PP to log within sandboxed solutions to the event viewer. unfortunately this doesn’t work for SharePoint 365 but don’t worry I als ...[Read more]
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Dec 132011

MUI Refinement panel

First of all in this blog post I am going to explain how I resolved this little issue, but if this is the best solution I don’t know feel free to comment and share your idea’s with me.   OOB SharePoint 2010 offers a refinement panel that works great ...[Read more]
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Dec 012011

MUI Managed metadata vs. Search

Multilingual managed metadata a dream come true? Yes and no, for the end user it is a perfect way to add extra metadata to an item. The value of the managed metadata automatically changes in the language that the user is in. For example. Dutch: ...[Read more]
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