Dec 132011

MUI Refinement panel

First of all in this blog post I am going to explain how I resolved this little issue, but if this is the best solution I don’t know feel free to comment and share your idea’s with me.   OOB SharePoint 2010 offers a refinement panel that works great ...[Read more]
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Dec 012011

MUI Managed metadata vs. Search

Multilingual managed metadata a dream come true? Yes and no, for the end user it is a perfect way to add extra metadata to an item. The value of the managed metadata automatically changes in the language that the user is in. For example. Dutch: ...[Read more]
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Sep 062011

Creating custom methods for xslt

This is a small example how can extend the standard xslt function with some custom methods. In this example we are going to extend the Core result web part and create a method that is going to return the current language the SharePoint site is in. ...[Read more]
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Aug 102011

Core results webpart fetched properties issue

When I tried to extend the search properties that my query needed to fetch I got the following error: “The property does not exist or is used in a manner inconsistent with schema settings”. I  opened my trusty ULS viewer to see what error ShareP ...[Read more]
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Aug 082011

Improved Core result webpart

In my last blog post about extending the core result webpart “Multilingual Taxonomy Search” i explained that searching for multilingual taxonomy terms didn’t work how it should work. In this blog post I’m going to rewrite the code I used for extend ...[Read more]
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Aug 012011

Multilingual Taxonomy Search

  Issue   One of the issues I came across search was the problem with multilingual taxonomy.   When I was searching for a document with a certain taxonomy term I could find the document in the default language but not in a other language.   ...[Read more]
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