Add Primary site collection admin to User Profile Service Application   

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First of all we need to add the  Primary site collection administrator to the user list of “User Profile Service Application”. If you don’t know which user you have to add to the list you can find the user at the Central Administration  > Application Management > Change site collection administrators.




You have to select the right site collection in my case it is “http://pdv-moss06” and the Primary site collection administrator is “GILISSEN Timmy”. Now you know what user you have to use and navigate to Application Management > Manage service applications. Click on User Profile Service Application but not on the text but just highlight the line by clicking next to the text. UserServiceNoHighlight_thumb1





When you highlighted “User Profile Service Application” the Administrators button will be enabled. Click on the Administrator button.


When you have clicked on the button a popup box appears and fill in your Primary site collection administrator in. Click add en the the administrator is added to the list. Click on your added admin in my case it is “GILISSEN Timmy” and click on full control to give full access.

Posted by  Gilissen Timmy  on  1/21/2011
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