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One of the great features of SharePoint 2010 is to edit the User Profile Properties.

You can do this manually by going to the central Administration > Application Management > Manage service applications > User Profile Service Application > Manage User Properties.

There you can select a property you want to edit, but know that not all properties can be edited.

So for example we are going to take the property Job Title.


Click on “Job Title” and choose Edit.


You will see the following list of options. Today we are only interested into modifying the Policy Settings.

In the Policy Settings tab you will see 2 dropdown boxes and 2 selection fields:

-Policy Settings witch contains the following options => Required,Optional,Disabled 
-Default Privacy Setting witch contains the following options => Only Me,My Manager,My Team,My Colleagues,Everyone
-User can override
-Replicable(This option is by default disabled)


Change Policy Settings to ‘Required” and Default Privacy Settings to “My Colleagues”.


Click on “Ok” and the changes will be saved.


Now lets reflect what we have done here.

We have change the Policy Setting to “Required” this means when you edit you profile page you must fill in Job Title or else you can’t update your profile. We have set the Default Privacy Setting to “My colleagues” this means that only your colleagues can see your Job Title field.

In my next blog post i am going to do the same thing  but with code.

Posted by  Gilissen Timmy  on  1/19/2011
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