Apr 072011

My first CodePlex project: Timerjob dynamic settings – creation - deletion in Central Administration.


Today I created my first CodePlex project. It’s a fun SharePoint (2007 so far) project for managing timerjobs.


- You can add custom timerjob definitions to a namespace in the project and whatever public property’s you want. There is one example of a dummy definition with dummyProperty.

- The project creates 2 application pages available from central administration through the operations tab with the rest of the timerjob settings.




TVR timerjob creation page


First page is for creating instances of a timerjob definitions from your project. A dropdown list will display all available timerjob definitions in your project.

When you select one the page will dynamically show all public variables of the definition in the page with a label and textbox for each.

You can choose a name and schedule for the instance, and set property’s (that are saved in the SPPropertybag of the Central Admin site starting with the name of your instance + property name).



TVR timerjob settings page


This page shows you a dropdown list of all (custom) timerjob instances running on the Central Admin web application. If you’ve created the instance using the first page then it will definitely be displayed here.


You have the option to set a new schedule for the instance.

The page dynamically loads all available property’s used by the timerjob instance and shows the values in textboxes so you can edit them.


There are also buttons to delete the current timerjob instance or run it now! (Which I desperately miss in SharePoint 2007)



You can find more info and the source code + wsp package at CodePlex.



Please feel free to comment as it’s a first version. Also if you find it a useful tool or how you’d go about things in another ways.

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